Britt Hinrichs previously spent her career working in the public relations and marketing industries where it seemed some unusual behaviors began to develop on a corporate level.  Practices such as lazy communication over technology rather than face-to-face, keeping clients in the dark about insights behind strategies, and kissing ass to ensure the client got whatever they wanted (no matter what the outcome) became too common.

Britt understood that the digital world is increasingly overwhelming for brands, but she believed they shouldn’t have to navigate it cluelessly on their own.

She decided to cut the b.s. and set out to make a change….


At ÅTTE Creative, we educate our clients throughout every step of the branding and creative process to ensure they clearly understand our strategy. We carefully consider our clients’ demographics, voices, and visions and exist to provide honest and strategic insights. We also pride ourselves in being sincere, transparent and occasionally downright blunt as we work to build and improve our clients’ brands. The whole sugar coating thing really isn’t for us.

We provide our clients with our undivided, personalized attention and offer customized contract periods, proposals, packages and pricing, because we know no two clients are the same. We prioritize seeing our clients in person, and encourage meeting as often as once a week to educate our clients on the status of each project.

Our individualized and engaged approach to branding results in a brand’s clear, cohesive and distinctive voice, defined across all digital media platforms.