ÅTTE Creative: All About the Relaunch


One of our main missions here at ÅTTE Creative is to help other entrepreneurs succeed in a somewhat noisy digital age. Branding plays an enormous role in maintaining an unbreakable online presence, and if done properly, will allow a company to stand out from the crowd rather than get shoved out and forgotten. This sounds harsh, but it’s the reality of what we deal with daily. Marked as one of our most requested services, the word branding is frequently and quickly followed by:

“ … What does that even mean, and why do I need it?”

Well, let us tell you……Through our own journey, our team knows successful re-branding goes far deeper than a reworked mission statement, new logo and spruced-up Instagram feeds. Re-branding focuses on how a business can re-align with their audience and gain an edge up on all competitors.

The process generally addresses how a brand can:

I. Reconnect with Initial Business Goals, Mission, Values & Beliefs

II. Rebuild According to Competitive Edge

III. Lead with an Accurate Voice

IV. Re-align with Audience & Community

This may seem like quite the long laundry list, but our story wasn’t that different. The transition to ÅTTE Creative happened for a reason and with inspired purpose. Our road to re-launch has taken almost an entire year and went a little something like this:

I. Reconnect with Initial Business Goals, Mission, Values & Beliefs

After months of planning and plenty of bottles of wine (all in the name of creativity of course), our founder, Britt Hinrichs,  was finally ready to bring our new brand to life. The once self-named business needed a stronger purpose and to align with the values we hold so dear. Almost admitting defeat while sitting on her bedroom floor, Britt noticed her necklace swinging back and forth - literally smacking her in the face. The dainty, silver eight pendant that she’d worn for quite some time had the answers! That was it, eight! It was her lucky number, birth day and keeper of the times she’d remember speaking with her grandma in their native tongue.

In Norwegian dialect, eight translates to ÅTTE (ding ding) which is where the spelling comes from, but those aren’t the only reasons we chose to go this route. The number 8 is held in high regard in many cultures as it represents balance, loyalty, strength and new beginnings - all things in which Brittany and our team all believe in.

After the name was chosen, Brittany rewrote her business plan backed with a purpose and in just 8 hours (funny how that works isn’t it) ÅTTE Creative was born!  

II. Rebuild According to Competitive Edge

Combining any and all digital creation with in-your-face realness, Brittany immediately began rebuilding the company from the ground up with the goal to concept, create, and connect. Team ÅTTE was born, and we began restructuring together as one unit. We became an us, as we set out to revive ourselves and the brands we believe in by balancing progressive collaboration with raw personality in order to initiate bold branding. We decided the absence of interaction and lack of clear communication were not going to claim us, too. Thus, our no-holds-barred, collective movement became our competitive edge with honesty, loyalty and strong relationships anchoring our business.

III. Lead with An Accurate Voice

We adopted an “our network is your network” mentality throughout the re-branding process. It became our motto and voice because that’s how we came to be — moving, developing and overcoming together. As we practice what we preach, we do for our clients as we continue to do for each other every day.

IV. Re-Align with Audience & Community

The re-launch has helped us regain sight of our mission, believe in it, commit to it, and do it on a daily basis — no excuses and definitely no bullsh*t!

“Our network is your network” means:

  • our appointments, pitches and proposals are invitations to experience a truly open environment: all ideas, feedback and opportunities for improvement welcome.

  • we also attend self-help talks, seek mentorships, support movements and share our thoughts on pressing topics because we believe there is always room for more growth and development.   

  • we will share what we learn through paying it forward, mentoring others, and encouraging up-and-coming artists to do the same. It means we care and will do our part to assist the next generation of entrepreneurs through incentive programs and teaching the youth how to successfully brand themselves.

  • is the declaration of expansive transformation by way of supporting and uplifting others.

Now after all of that, we proudly speak for ourselves when we say that’s why we re-branded. We believe everyone has the right to better themselves, create more with their talents, complete old cycles and push through the growing pains. That’s what we’re about here at ÅTTE Creative! We may have initially set out to fix ongoing issues within the industry, but we came out stronger by taking a hard look at ourselves together. So when presented with the question of why, we simply counter with the truth:

‘Why Re-brand?’
The truth? Because it’s necessary to re-evaluate your motives, and therefore, hold yourself and your business accountable.

‘Why Re-brand?’
The truth? Because a potential client should not have to wake up to another Twitter News scandal and wonder if your business fails with the rest — i.e. if it actually participates in the community, practices an open-door policy or values its employees.

‘Why Re-brand?’
The truth? Because those supporting your brand should believe in it as much as you do. Honestly speaking, how much can you say that is?

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