8 Podcasts for Aspiring Creatives


No one ever said the journey to entrepreneurship was for the faint of heart. It comes with its exhilarating highs inspired by the overwhelming sense of personal freedom, but it also comes with confusing lows defined by creative blocks and prolonged tests of perseverance. Overcoming these times of occasional self-doubt and worry bears a plethora of stresses. You may catch yourself questioning your “entrepreneurial spirit” within and often dismissed by the truth in following it. Whether podcasting is your business or you also tune in to survive your daily commute, we’ve comprised a list of our faves as a friendly reminder that inspiration is everywhere:


Photo via    LOW RES   . Photo and logo by    Ira Kruglova Illustration   .

Photo via LOW RES. Photo and logo by Ira Kruglova Illustration.

I. The Creative Muscle by Low Res

HOSTS: Nathan Michael, Dan Sumpter, Jonny Mendez, Valerie Strattan Guerra and Jon Guerra

WHY WE STAN: This Chicago-based podcast delves deep into the minds and motivations of those looking to fully embrace their talents and aspirations. The hosts, two of which happen to be married, share their personal experiences and interpretations of developing the creative muscle within. Their group discussions and insightful interviews address the great unknowns and (multiple) learning curves artists face throughout their careers, such as: inspiration, creative blocks, burn-out, relationships, mental health and more.

Photo via    Perspective Podcast   . Graphics and logo by    Emir Ayouni    of    Growcase   .

Photo via Perspective Podcast. Graphics and logo by Emir Ayouni of Growcase.

II. Perspective Podcast: Fuel for Your Mind & Creative Grind by Perspective-Collective

HOST: Scotty Russell

WHY WE STAN: Pizza enthusiast, illustrator and lettering artist, Scotty Russell is no stranger to the creative industry. He unveils the truth about the creative hustle with captivating guests who aren’t afraid to get a little vulnerable. Topics of work-life-balance, imposter syndrome, originality, mental health, and financial freedom ask artists to own their stories and transcend secrets of the trade.

Photo via    Candid Creator   .

Photo via Candid Creator.

III. Candid Creator Podcast by WhatRUWearing

HOST: Mary Mel

WHY WE STAN: The series could not have come at a more appropriate time, as it takes listeners through the various journeys of up-and-coming artists. Guests range from stylists, singers and songwriters, actors, bloggers and tell all about their road to success. Host, Mary Mel has a way of connecting with guests so they spill the beans on the most notable points in their careers and how they persevered to continue living their best life.



Photo and logo by    Stefan Lawrence   .

Photo and logo by Stefan Lawrence.

I. 99% Invisible by Roman Mars

HOST: Roman Mars

WHY WE STAN: Ready to decode the craziest inventions, designs, concepts and the social constructs born of them? This podcast encourages listeners to tap into the cultural, historical and social aspects of design that are still prominent in today’s technology, infrastructure, cities, architecture, visuals, sounds, objects, styles and traditions. 99% Invisible is perfect for critical thinkers and avid tinkers looking to take a crack the origin of intention.

Photo via    Entrepreneur   .

Photo via Entrepreneur.

II. How Success Happens by Entrepreneur Magazine

HOST: Stephen J. Bronner

WHY WE STAN: Highly recommended by our founder, How Success Happens exposes the learning curve that is entrepreneurship. Those who conquered the windy road bare it all as they walk us through their most defining, character-building moments. Success stories like these teach us that to overcome monumental failures and daily pressures is to find strength in weakness and healthy habits. Entrepreneur Weekly is also worth a listen. You’ll thank yourself for tuning in to both and taking notes!

Photo and logo by    Zero Gravity   .

Photo and logo by Zero Gravity.

III. Science of Social Media by Buffer

HOSTS: Brian Peters & Hailley Griffis

WHY WE STAN: We’ve yet to enter the age of The Jetsons, but we’re pretty d*@n close in terms of how we connect to others. Buffer’s The Science of Social Media gets technical and breaks down the one million and one advantages of social media marketing to keep your business flourishing in today’s climate. Algorithms, industry insights, research and development, and other social media tools are all explained away with easy-going conversation.



I. Jenna & Julien Podcast

HOSTS: Jenna Mourey & Julien Solomita

WHY WE STAN: In the oh-so-digital world we live in, this playful duo deep dives into the prominence of internet culture with interactive games, storytimes, interviews, debates and intense societal observations. Every episode is a collaborative effort with listeners and the couple’s adorable pups—all three of which make good internet personalities well enough on their own. Altogether, the witty banter and doggy parties make for a great way to decompress on even the mildest of Mondays.

Photo via    Mile Higher Podcast   . Logo by    Travis Ragsdale   .

II. Mile Higher Podcast

HOSTS: Josh Thomas & Kendall Rae

WHY WE STAN: For those looking to be more inspired and open-minded, this husband and wife team invites you to embrace alternate theories and approaches to everyday life. With this pair, no topic is off limits! They both got their start on YouTube presenting controversial topics, happenings, systems and philosophies most would never dare to explore. Very much on-brand, their podcast dissects topics, such as: aliens, big pharma, holistic healing, criminal justice system, banks and other unexplained mysteries of the world.


So, cheers to our fearless family! Remember your struggles may be hope for another, as is the case for the founders of these podcasts. Resources can be found everywhere in the community, your network, and even deeply imbedded in your talents. Continue to stay motivated and anchored in your inability to be tamed, and you will find the support to soar beyond your wildest dreams. Happy listening!