Social Media Marketing: Is It Worth the Investment?

Digital marketing was a rather unexpected, seemingly inexplicable concept that swooped in and altered our relation to time and possessions as we know it. Gone are the days of waiting for seasonal catalogs to be stuffed in tiny mailboxes harboring anticipated trends, deals and collections. The temptation of having immediate, unlimited access to anything and everything has resulted in an epic transition to online lookbooks, shoppable posts and personalized cart suggestions for plausible shopping sprees. Social media is undoubtedly a privilege, putting shoppers only “one click away” from that which they most desire and giving new businesses a leg up on the onset. Here are a few reasons why we invested in social media marketing:


Work Smarter, Shine Harder

Traditionally, entrepreneurs would have to face the daunting task of predicting their true potential either alone or with an onslaught of teams, but social media has granted them the capability of preparing for auspicious markets before landing themselves amidst the throws of messy legalities aren’t we so thankful?!

The opportunity to be ‘discovered’ couldn’t be more prominent, creating a sense of trust we have never experienced before. The gift of accessibility makes it easier for average start-ups to foster deeper connections, cross-promote to reach atypical audiences, engage and participate in progressive missions or movements while sharing their talents and innovations in an open marketplace — oh, and it’s cost-effective!

More success is to be gained when that kind of accessibility is truly appreciated, however. Highlighting other brands and the value they bring to the community builds camaraderie, encouraging all-around good vibes. Even we were surprised to find ourselves receiving referrals, requests, and supportive comments as a result of others’ admirable re-posts!


The Relatability Factor

Curated or unfiltered? Pick your poison. Congratulations, because it really doesn’t matter! The pressure to uphold an unpoppable persona became a fad as soon as Facebook turned into a public journal. The idea of shareability becoming synonymous with reliability can be downright dangerous, but true relatability is finding a harmonious balance between the two.

Memes, songs, viral challenges — you name it. What’s casually shared in limited characters speaks volumes! Such explicit content may allude people to believe they know a brand or person deeply, but it’s a real testament to the kind of instantaneous connection social media marketing can provide. People everywhere and anywhere can get identify with your presence, mission, values, and company culture within a matter of minutes! The potential to build long-lasting consumer relationships is endless!

Not to void all precaution, but the risk of sincerity is no longer a thing to be feared. Transparency is far more appreciated and rewarded in today’s cyber culture, giving businesses the opportunity to be as candid as they want with whatever content they choose to share. Although it may require strict boundaries, entrepreneurs stand to have more say in their hustles and how they tell their stories with social media marketing alone. To invest (in yourself) is a no-brainer, if you ask us!

Photos by Åtte Creative for Shop Abbey Lee